360° Feedback specially designed for the Health Sector

360° feedback provides a powerful insight into your leadership impact, it enhances self awareness and can improve team working.

Qualitas 360 report graphic.jpg

The 360° feedback process enables you to complete a self assessment and gather the opinions of a number of people you work with  – this should include your line manager, colleagues, direct reports and others with whom you have regular dealings. 

Individuals providing feedback cannot be identified in the report because we are using an outside third party to administer the process. This offers the opportunity for people to give confidential feedback in a safe environment.

Once the responses from people are collected they are compiled into a feedback report which is sent to you together with a workbook to help you get the most from your feedback. It is usual to discuss your feedback with your coach and following this you can develop a meaningful and personal development plan (PDP). 


At Qualitas Consortium we offer a range of 360° feedback questionnaires, please contact us for further information.