Welcome to our “take the lead 2” online 360° appraisal


An essential part of any good leadership program is the ability to receive feedback on your leadership performance. Online 360 appraisal provides a wonderful opportunity for NUMs/MUMs to obtain feedback as a means of identifying what they are good at and what they may not be as good at. The 360 questionnaire has been designed around the NSW Public Service Commission ‘Managing for Performance’ framework, and feedback will be given on a number of behaviours under each area.

360° feedback works by gathering the opinions of a number of people within the organisation – from line managers, colleagues, direct reports and others with whom you have regular dealings - not to forget yourself!

Individuals asked to provide feedback are prompted to answer a series of carefully structured questions that have been designed to assess an individual’s behaviour against the Managing for Performance framework.

Individuals providing feedback cannot be identified in the report because we are using an outside third party to administer the process. This offers the opportunity for people to give confidential feedback in a safe environment.

The responses from all the participants are then compiled into a 360 feedback report which you will receive. 

As a result of the 360 feedback, you may want to develop a meaningful and practical personal development plan (PDP) and discuss their feedback with your coach and subsequently your mentor.

You will receive a set up email and link from Qualitas Consortium to start your journey!